Radical Relevance

The theatres are historic, yet we revel in creating their future, presenting shows we think you should see while incubating new ideas. We work to earn your trust and loyalty, designing and delivering distinctive patron and performer experiences. From our programming to the communications we send, we respect your time.


Decisive Courage

The Paramount boldly takes risks to advance its mission and values. We strive to do the right things for the right reasons with the hope of being a model for other organizations and a beacon for the community.


Thoughtful Inclusion

We bring a lens of respect, diversity, representation, equity, inclusion, access, and accessibility to what we do. Our staff works across teams and boundaries to create a welcoming and compassionate environment for all patrons, artists, partners, volunteers, and coworkers.


Constant Innovation

Entrepreneurial thinking is at the heart of our culture. We are resilient and we embrace change.


Pervasive Passion

Passion for the arts and our community drives everyone who works here; it’s what makes us exceptional.