Story Wranglers

Creative Writing like a Rock Star

A program that empowers third graders to harness their confidence and unlock their page-turning potential.

Story Wranglers on stage with a cheering elementary school crowd.

What is Story Wranglers?

Imagine the feeling of seeing the story YOU wrote performed on stage in front of your entire school, and the sheer excitement of hearing the audience cheering you on.

Story Wranglers is a seven-week in-school residency in which third graders learn the foundations of creative writing through arts-integrated lessons designed to motivate students and improve their writing skills, confidence, creativity, and storytelling.

During the residency, each classroom writes hundreds of stories as a class, in small groups, and in individual journals. At the end of the seven weeks, professional actors — known as the Paramount Story Wranglers — transform students’ original stories from page to stage in a live performance for the entire campus!

Students looking at a paper while brainstorming ideas with a leader

Learning Out Loud

Impact in the Classroom — And Beyond

  • 100% of teachers say our program significantly improves students’ writing, social-emotional learning, and appreciation for the arts.
  • 98% of students report that they’re proud of their writing!
  • 89% of students expand their vocabulary and writing skills.
  • In the creative realm, participants tested better than 59% of students who were not involved in the program.
  • Title 1 Story Wranglers students closed the achievement gap between themselves and non-Title 1 students in creativity and writing.
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Lights, Camera, Publish!

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“The Story Wranglers’ support of education — and how they make it fun for kids — is truly unrivaled.”
–Participating Teacher