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For Students & Educators

Learn more about Story Wranglers.
Story Wranglers in the classroom. Teacher and students sitting on the floor, writing a story.
Story Wranglers

Our seven-week in-school creative writing residency helps third graders learn the foundations of creative writing through arts-integrated lessons designed to motivate students and improve their writing skills. At the end of the seven weeks, professional actors known as the Paramount Story Wranglers transform students’ original stories into a super energetic, inspiring, and hilarious performance for the entire campus!

Learn more about Field Trips.
Elementary school student getting off the bus for a show at the Paramount.
Field Trips

Each year, more than 15,000 K-12 students from all over Central Texas attend a Field Trip at the historic Paramount Theatre! Along with the theatre-going experience, we offer pre-show workshops for all classrooms and provide an interactive Activity Guide for every child.

For Families

Learn more about Family Series.
Family Series

Always thoughtfully curated by the Paramount Education team, our annual Family Series brings world-class performing arts to Austin families. Kids of all ages can make unforgettable memories at performances that span theatre, dance, film, music, and puppetry. All attendees get an interactive, fun-filled Activity Guide that enhances their show experience, plus many shows include pre-show crafts!

Learn more about Camps.

Summer Camp at the Paramount encourages young people to explore acting, singing, dancing, creative writing, production design, and performance. Best of all, every camper is featured in a final show on-stage at the historic Paramount Theatre. Three camps to choose from for rising 1st graders and on. Also, check out our Summer Songwriting Workshop for Teens! We offer scholarships to children, plus early care and after care at every camp location.

Angela Davis sitting with the students of Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

Expanding Access to the Arts

We’re committed to ensuring that the arts are accessible to everyone — regardless of their income or background. We support nonprofit partner agencies that serve Central Texas by offering complimentary tickets to outstanding performances and films. We also arrange special events to help young people connect with artists through meet and greets, master classes, opportunities to observe sound checks, Q&As with performers, and more!

Pictured: Activist, professor, and author Angela Davis visits Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders for a special Q&A before her show at the Paramount Theatre. September 2023.

You Can Help Us Reach Even More Students

Students sitting with a member of the Paramount Education team after a Story Wranglers show.
3 third-graders introducing their story at a Story Wranglers performance.
Paramount Education Mission and Vision
Inspiring Young Minds

We inspire the intellect and imagination of young people by providing them opportunities to experience, perform, and learn through the arts.

Our vision is that all young people will have the creative confidence they need to be successful in their communities. With a focus on the youth of Central Texas and their families, we serve approximately 22,000 kids annually.

3 third-graders introducing their story at a Story Wranglers performance.

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