Students & Educators

Enhance Your School Year With The Arts

We would love to add to the incredible work you are already doing in classrooms by providing students additional opportunities to experience, perform, and learn through the arts.

Learn more about Field Trips.
Buses parked in front of the Paramount Theatre
Field Trips

Each year, more than 15,000 K-12 students from all over Central Texas attend a Field Trip at the historic Paramount Theatre! Along with the theatre-going experience, we offer pre-show workshops for all classrooms and provide an interactive Activity Guide for every child.

Learn more about Story Wranglers.
3rd grade student introducing her story at a Story Wranglers performance.
Story Wranglers

Our seven-week in-school creative writing residency helps third graders learn the foundations of creative writing through arts-integrated lessons designed to motivate students and improve their writing skills. At the end of the seven weeks, professional actors known as the Paramount Story Wranglers transform students’ original stories into a super energetic, inspiring, and hilarious performance for the entire campus!

“Every single lesson was a success. I’ve never had my class 100% engaged on anything. You guys are a joy to work with.”
– Participating 3rd Grade Teacher, Story Wranglers Program

Other Opportunities for Kids

Learn more about Access To The Arts.
Girl speaking into a microphone
Access To The Arts

Complimentary tickets and special events that connect young people and nonprofits with artists.

Learn more about Family Series.
Woman and child posing with a costumed grocery bag
Family Series

Matinee shows that the entire family can enjoy.

Learn more about Summer Camps.
Kids with crafted guitars on stage
Summer Camps

Continued learning and fun during the summer months.