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Thirst for Power

Water and energy are the two fundamental components of a society, and they are interconnected. Thirst for Power, shot on location across France, California, and Texas, explores the history of civilization’s quest to procure water and energy — from ancient Roman aqueducts in Europe to modern America’s vast hydroelectric infrastructure. The documentary combines anecdotes and personal stories with insights into the latest science of energy and water, and identifies a hopeful path toward wise long-range water-energy decisions and a more reliable and abundant future for humanity.

The Documentary

Available asynchronously November 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022
Documentary run time: 62 minutes

Q&A Panel Discussion

With Dr. Michael E. Webber, Dr. Kelly T. Sanders, Mat Hames, Juan Garcia, and Erin Hardick – Register for access

Discovery Guide

Thirst for Power interactive study guide with TEKS connections to STEM, Global Studies, Social Studies, Philanthropy, Film & Fine Arts
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