Amplify Austin 2024

Since 2021, the Paramount staff has nominated Austin area nonprofits for special recognition during Amplify Austin Day. This year, staff picked 25 nonprofits to star on our marquee, socials, and in emails for the citywide 24-hour day of giving. Learn more about our 2024 spotlights and the important work they provide to Central Texas. Amplify Austin is March 6-7 and you can schedule an early bird donation today!

If you would like to include the Paramount & State Theatres in your Amplify Day giving, you can do so here. Thank you!

American Artists Project (AAP)

“I have had the pleasure of volunteering with the American Artists Project during the past year as an usher at several of their events.  The mission of the AAP speaks to my heart as I believe that the arts fill your soul.  Their mission of “building a new framework of artistic opportunities by investing in underrepresented creative communities and producing world class programs” aligns with my passion for the arts.  As this organization expands and embraces more underrepresented communities, this is perfect timing for an economic boost.” Cheryl Wood, Lead House Manager

Asian Texans for Justice

Asian Texans for Justice

“Asian Texans for Justice serves the more than 1.9 million Asian and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in Texas by connecting the community to civic action to build personal and political power. They do this while informing and inspiring EVERYONE in Texas to learn and engage. I’ve known Founding President Ashley Cheng since I was a teenager, and I’ve always looked to her for inspiration on getting more involved and generally doing the right thing. A Tribeza 2020 Person of the Year and 2021 Austin Under 40 winner, it is no surprise to me that Ashley and Asian Texans for Justice are on the frontlines of this often challenging state, educating and mobilizing our entire community to be civically engaged.” Nick Barbieri, Chief Marketing Officer

Austin Pets Alive!

“I adopted my dog, Poppy Seed Bagel Sanders-Johnson, from Austin Pets Alive! last Thanksgiving. With Poppy, our family is now complete with even more love and joy. At first, we were apprehensive about getting a dog since neither my partner nor I had ever had one. However, she has been a dream! We are very grateful to the kind folks at Austin Pets Alive! for rescuing Poppy and giving her a loving forever home with us.” – Danielle Johnson, Individual Giving Associate

BASTA Austin

“As the affordability of Austin continues to threaten the quality of life and communities who live here, home ownership is becoming a luxury. 55% of the city is renting and we can expect that number to increase. BASTA works for tenant action and renters rights, with the vision to have affordable and healthy housing options. This includes making sure rentals are structurally sound, mold-free, and pest-free. They work to hold the building owners accountable and educate renters on what their rights are. BASTA -Building and Strengthening Tenant Action!” – Krystal Parsons, Senior Director of Development

Blue Dog Rescue

“I love Blue Dog because of the work the do regarding ‘hopeless’ cases in many shelters.  They actively take in dogs that no one else would take and give them a real chance at finding a home that they wouldn’t have found in a shelter environment.  They foster exclusively in homes, so dogs have a better chance of recovering from the shelter and any medical issues they may have before finding a loving home.

I adopted my dog Roo from Blue Dog in 2018, and even though he passed last January, I’m still so grateful to have had a little over four years with him.  He was one of the best parts of my life, and I’m so grateful to Blue Dog for bringing us together and giving him a chance when no one else would.  He was medically complex, and he wouldn’t have been adopted in a big open shelter, or likely gotten the medical care he needed.  But Blue Dog took him in, and worked hard to get him healthy so he could enjoy the rest of his life in a home that loved him more than anything.” – Lilly Sheridan, Events Manager

Bridge of Angels

“Bridge of Angels is a non-profit that has been serving the houseless of Austin for 20+ years. We provide warm food, clothes, shoes, hygiene items, medical supplies, haircuts, blankets, bus passes, and counseling. As a member of the Paramount team I would be honored if this nonprofit would be selected. My family has been working with this organization for 10+ years. My family is apart of the dedicated work staff that serve warm meals on the weekends. I’ve seen many people in dire need find hope and get back on their feet because of this organization. The leaders of Bridge of Angels dedicate their lives to helping others. With the help of Amplify Austin we could continue helping those in need in our community and give hope to those that desperately need it.” – Amanda Rucker, House Manager

Candlelight Ranch

“Candlelight Ranch provides an amazing outdoor space in the Texas Hill Country for children and families to learn, explore and heal through creative and nature-based programs. As a lover of all-things outdoors, it is particularly meaningful to me to see the powerful impact that being in this space has on those Candlelight Ranch serves.” – Cathy McDonald, General Manager of Operations


“I support this organization and their mission because they are preparing the next generation of Latinas along with their mother’s to achieve success in post-secondary education.” – Abril Robbins, Education Coordinator

ConnectHER Film Festival

“I have been following the work of this organization for a few years at least and admiring what Lila and her team do to raise the voices of women all over the world to be able to tell their stories through film. We hope to partner more with them as we move forward and help share this important and beautiful work to more people in our area.” – Maica Jordan, Chief Development Officer


“Free Lunch is an organization that supports unhoused folks in town by providing them with hot meals, compassion and support. They work a lot with the Camp Esperanza community and often highlight the free fridges around town. Sharing a meal can be such an intimate personal experience where you can feel real love and caring and I love that Free Lunch advocates for all of us to share with each other.”

– Katy McCain, Bar Manager

Greater Austin YMCA

“The YMCA of Austin strives to be an equitable force in the community that helps people of all backgrounds improve their total wellbeing and quality of life. I also connect to the mission around providing safe, affordable, high quality child care.” – Nichole Newlan, House Manager

Healing With Horses Ranch

This is what my friend, Rebekah the Development Director, said when I asked her about the organization:

“Healing with Horses Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit equine-assisted learning and therapy center that promotes increased independence and resilience through the power of the horse. By creating space for healthy relationships between horses and humans, we help students learn life skills in a safe, inclusive environment. We want to change lives, not just touch lives.

The equine is at the center of everything we do. They are the true teachers for each of our services, which include Adaptive Riding, Equine-Assisted Learning, and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. Each of our evidence-based programs allows us to address challenges experienced by at-risk individuals, veterans, and people with physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges from a trauma-informed approach.

While each lesson is unique, building the bond between the equine and the individual anchors everything we do. By modeling healthy forms of communication, choice, self-awareness, and acceptance, we help individuals develop new tools that can help them overcome challenges in the real world.

In addition to setting high standards for the entire industry with the quality of our services, we strive to ensure any individual in need has access to the benefits of equine-assisted therapy. We offer partial to full financial hardship assistance for each program, and veterans receive free services.” – Louise Thompson, Venue Operations and Event Support Manager

Hi, How Are You Project

“Hi, How Are You Project is an Austin-based 501c3 organization with the mission to remove the stigma around mental health, one conversation at a time. As many of you know, my mother took her own life  and I have been deeply involved with the mental and emotional health world for over four decades.

I am significantly impressed with HHAYP’s commitment to address these issues specifically among young people and they have developed extraordinary reach both locally and nationally among college students via their partnership with American Campus. Additionally, they have specific focus efforts to reach underserved communities which traditionally have both reduced awareness of and access to mental health and emotional well-being resources. They need to raise additional funds to more fully build out their staff which will allow them to expand their efforts.” – Jim Ritts, CEO/Executive Director


“This organization was brought to my attention by Sara Cady. She is a longtime Paramount donor and friend and is dedicated to the mission of this organization. HopeAustin is a 501(c) charitable organization creating opportunities for the youngest members of our community through food security. – Maica Jordan, Chief Development Officer


“Dedicated to increasing the presence of Hispanic young women in STEM, Latinitas offers bilingual programs to innovate through media and technology. Their on-campus afterschool programs, summer camps, and online coding classes prepare students for future careers in STEM. ” – Erin Waelder, Director of Donor Communications


“LifeWorks is centered on helping the youth in Austin who have experienced homelessness and trauma. They work on providing shelter, transitional and permanent housing, workforce development and mental health sources. By providing this comprehensive range of services, LifeWorks aims to break the cycle of homelessness and equip people with the tools for long-term success.

The organization’s commitment to addressing the unique needs of youth and families ensures a holistic approach to tackling homelessness. LifeWorks not only offers immediate relief but also strives to create lasting positive change by fostering independence and resilience in the individuals it serves. Through its multifaceted initiatives, LifeWorks plays a vital role in building stronger communities and contributing to the collective effort to eradicate homelessness and provide hope for a brighter future.” – Tori Schulze, Marketing Manager

Lil Paws Maltese Rescue and other Petite Paws

“In 2006, after living in Austin for 2 years, I adopted my first small dog. After a year with Miller (a Schnauzer/Maltese mix), I decided I had room in my apartment, as well as my heart, for a second small dog. I looked and looked and came across the sweetest little apricot poodle. He was an old man and cute as cute can be. Lucas was being fostered by volunteers with Lil Paws Rescue. He and his brother had been tied up outside the Round Rock animal shelter one night and when that shelter had a Parvo breakout, Lil Paws was able to pull them out and give them the care they needed. Lucas’ foster dad (who’d only had him for a short period of time) told me that Lucas was only able to walk to the mailbox and then had to be carried back into the house. Once the vet pulled most of his teeth however (they were rotted out) and diagnosed him with Cushing Disease, I was able to put him on the correct diet and medicine and he was feeling like a million bucks. Lucas was probably 10 years old when I adopted him so I was only able to be his mom for 4 years, but he was definitely a canine soul mate and would never have come in to my life without the help, love, care and support of Lil Paws Rescue.

Since adopting Lucas, I have continued to volunteer with Lil Paws Rescue. I have done site visits at homes of people interested in adopting, hosted garage sales at my house 5 years in a row (setting myself a goal and raising more money each year), helped wrap presents at the mall over the Christmas holiday to help raise money (and recruited others to join in the fun), and encouraged donations from others on social media.” – Sarah Andrews, Event Services Manager


“To me, and so many others, it is extremely important to put bully breeds in a positive spotlight. The negative talk and reputation they’ve gotten for many years is just simply not true and we need to show what an amazing companion this breed truly is.” – Marie Vargas, Senior Production Manager

Pop-Up Birthday!

“Pop-Up Birthday is a wonderful organization that immediately captured my heart the second I heard about it. Their mission is to ensure sure every child in foster care, in their service area, is recognized individually and celebrated on their birthday. In many cases foster children rarely, if ever, have a celebration for their birthday let alone receive gifts or a birthday cake. The gifts provided by Pop-Up Birthday are personalized to each child, decorated, and filled with love.

To quote directly from their website “Something as simple as a birthday can create lifelong happy memories!” – Eden Gallagher, Venue Operations Assistant

Pug Rescue of Austin

“My partner and I adopted our pug mix, Truman, from Pug Rescue Austin in 2014. They were wonderful to work with from the beginning. They are an entirely volunteer led non-profit organization. All of their dogs are placed in foster homes while they await adoption, and they actively rescue vulnerable and neglected pug and pug mixes from around the state that might otherwise end up in kill-shelters. They are thorough in their adoption process and ensure that their dogs are placed in loving homes. We still keep in touch with the family that had Truman as a foster before we adopted him, and they have become Truman’s favorite pet-sitters when we travel.” – Brian Fahey, Senior Director of Education

Street Soccer USA

“I support this organization because they support communities of need by harnessing the beautiful game of soccer. I think it’s such an impactful sport, and they illustrate that through their programs and reach.” – Brian Nguyen, Education Program Manager

Texas Parent to Parent

“Texas Parent to Parent provides support to families of children and adults with disabilities, chronic and mental health conditions and other health care needs.” – Gale Valley, Associate Director of Community Engagement

The Arc of the Capital Area

“Human beings giving a helping hand to other human beings in need is an essential element of love and kindness.” – Sydney Barrosse, Associate Director of Special Events

Torch Literary Arts

“TORCH is the only organization in Austin dedicated to celebrating, promoting, and elevating Black women writers. Through publication and featured spotlights, writer’s workshops, retreats, monthly salons, and special readings, the writings of Black women are being read, heard, and celebrated. TORCH recognizes the incredible contributions of Black women in the literary arts. The founder and Executive Director, Amanda Johnston is the 2024 Texas State Poet Lauret – the first Black women to receive the honor, and only the second Black poet! She is a champion for Black literary arts.”  – Erin Waelder, Director of Donor Communications


“The non-profit org WhatsintheMirror? provides mental health awareness and affirming care to persons of color, focusing on LBGTQIA+ people. The work they do in the community is so vital, and you can feel it through all of their interactions – from their annual Art Heals Festival that brings people together through art, thoughtful workshops, mindfulness work, and more, to their work to destigmatize HIV and provide folkx with mental health. It is clear that they are healing the community through their efforts, and doing it in such a true and genuine way. They are not only people you want to work with, but want to be friends with as well!” – Ryan Thompson, Marketing Communications and Partnerships Manager