Nominate your favorite non-profit

Amplify Austin

  • Is there an Austin-area nonprofit important to you that you would like the Paramount to spotlight for Amplify Austin Day? We will AMPLIFY organizations in our communications, on a dedicated webpage, and with a special marquee photo. We’re looking for a wide range of nonprofits that represent and support the Austin community well. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
  • Please note: We will reach out to nonprofits with information about our Amplify Austin spotlight.
  • Why is this organization important to you / why do you support this organization and their mission? Please note: Your statement may be used or reattributed for communications and will be posted on the webpage.
  • Do you have a personal relationship or connection with this organization that you would like us to reference when we reach out? (donor, volunteer, Board service, impacted by their services, etc.)