The People of the Paramount

Our Staff


Jim Ritts
CEO/Executive Director


Lietza Brass
Chief Programming Officer

Zach Ernst
Senior Director of Music Booking

Maggie Hoffman
Senior Director of Live Events and Moontower

Sawyer Stoltz
Associate Director of Live Events

Lilly Sheridan
Events Manager

Eugenia Vela
Programming Assistant


Sandi Hill

Sue Darrow
Chief People and Culture Officer

Cathy McDonald
General Manager of Operations

Tim Wolter
Senior Director of Finance

Paige Stumbough
Senior Accountant

Information Technology

Alex Koreneff
Senior IT Manager

Facilities and Venue Operations

Jonathan Humphrey
Director of Facilities

Lou Thompson
Venue Operations & Event Support Manager

Brett VerVoort
Venue Operations Coordinator

Katie Bagley
Custodial Team Member


Nick Barbieri
Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Butler
Senior Creative Director

Sydney Peloquin
Senior Director of Analytics, DBA

Stephen Jannise
Director of Film Programming & Content Strategy

Javier Ramirez
Director of Marketing

Kelsey Spencer
Senior Graphic Designer

Ryan Thompson
Marketing Communications and Partnerships Manager

Megan Womack
Branding and Design Manager

Tori Schulze
Marketing Manager


Pasquale Del Villaggio
Director of Technical Production

DeAnna D’Egidio
Director of Stage Production

Nate Reid
Senior Production Manager

Marie Vargas
Senior Production Manager

Mikey Hudson
Production Manager

Lydia Modlin
Assistant Production Manager

Alicia Earls
Hospitality and Special Events Manager

Andy Moe
Production Assistant


Maica Jordan
Chief Development Officer

Krystal Parsons
Senior Director of Development

Sydney Barrosse
Associate Director of Special Events

Katy Daly
Director of Major Gifts

Erin Waelder
Director of Donor Communications

Clara Hah
Associate Director of Individual Giving

Lauren Womack
Associate Director of Grants

Laura Hinken
Major Gifts Manager

Christina Bryant
Individual Giving Manager

Wendy Fernandez
Development Operations Coordinator

Emily Bullins
Major Gifts Coordinator

Danielle Johnson
Individual Giving Associate


Brian C. Fahey
Senior Director of Education

Gale Valley
Associate Director of Community Engagement

Christine Gonzales-DeJohn
Associate Director of Literacy to Life, Program

Katie Moore
Associate Director of Literacy to Life, Production

Tyler Mabry
Education Music Director

Brian Nguyen
Education Program Manager

Abril Robbins
Education Coordinator

Box Office

Callie Caywood Schuette
Director of Ticketing

Bill Dorning
Patron Services Show Manager

Garrett Buss
Patron Services Associate Show Manager

Kit Taylor
Patron Services Operations Manager

Sasha Esquivel
Patron Services Representative

Nate Franzke
Patron Services Representative

Emma Lunan
Patron Services Representative

Front of House

Stefanie Crock
Director of Event Services

Gabe Cummins
Director of Food and Beverage

Katy McCain
Bar Manager

Sarah Andrews
Event Services Manager

Violet Acevedo
Event Services Associate

Santiago Facundo
House Manager

Linnea Fields
House Manager

Caresse Lacorbiere
House Manager

Nichole Newlan
House Manager

David Pollard
House Manager

Shannon Quinn
House Manager

Mandi Rucker
House Manager

Sequoia Smith
House Manager

Aya User
House Manager

Paige Ward
House Manager

Cheryl Wood
House Manager

Board of Directors

Duff M. Stewart, Chairman
Donna Wilkins, Secretary
Dillan Knudson, Treasurer

Carol Cain
Thurman K. Case
John Cummins
Robert S. Ellis, Jr.
Taylor Ellison
Sharon Francia
Diana Greenfield

Martha Iglehart
Dr. Peniel E. Joseph
Frank Krasovec
Peter Moossy
Dr. William Oliver
Emily Ramshaw
Grace Renbarger

Jim Ritts
Carrie Rodriguez
Scott Rust
Blake Stanford
Yolanda Uribe Rangel
Katherine Wright
Laura Zappi

President’s Cabinet

Camille Abbott
Gaylord Armstrong
John A. Barclay, III
James A. Baudin
Cathy Bonner
Louis Brill
Carl W. Burnette
H.C. Carter
George Christian
Nellie Connally
Don Cox

Dr. William H. “Deacon” Crain
Dr. Marie Crane
Roberta Crenshaw
William O. Cromwell, III
JoAnne Crosby
Rod T. Edens, Jr.
Mary Margaret Farabee
Maydelle Fason
Leslie Gage
Carolyn Lewis
Alvin J. Golden

Milly Holmes
Jamie Holtzman
Betty Hurst
Frank Ikard
Hal Katz
Lowell H. Lebermann, Jr.
Greg Marchbanks
Frank W. McBee, Jr.
Maline McCalla
Ed Norton
Janna Paulson

Jan Pickle
Dr. James A. Prentice
Shannon H. Ratliff
Sue Robinson
John S. Strickland
Louann Temple
Susan Walker
Gordon Wilkison
Betty Wilson
William T. Willis
Hilary Young