2024 Paramount Gala Donation Form

  • Donor Information

  • As it should appear on receipt and in print
  • (For organization/company)
  • Item Information

    The Austin Theatre Alliance, the Paramount and State Theatres, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID #74-2975922. Per IRS regulations, any item you value over $500 requires IRS form 8283; any item you value over $5,000 requires Form 8283 and a written appraisal. Should you have any questions on the above, please refer to www.irs.gov and consult your tax adviser.
  • Please describe the item or service fully. Please be as descriptive as possible, including specifying color, size, material, time available, or other requirements.
  • The "estimated fair market value" is the value of the item according to the donor.
  • Please let us know any additional information about your gift-in-kind donation, including any pick up instructions.


Auction donors will be recognized in the following ways for their donations to the 2024 Paramount & State Theatre’s Anniversary Gala:

  • Listing of all auction donors in the Gala program that is distributed to 800 attendees that night
  • Special mention in the post gala email that goes out to over 180,000 registered users


If the donation falls within ranges listed below, we will add information on our website:

$100 – $499 Donations Special listing on the website for a full season.
$500 – $999 Donations Special listing with live link to donor’s website for a full season.
$1,000 & Up Donations Special listing with Company Logo live link to donor’s website for a full season.


All donations must be pledged by April 12th & in hand at the theatre by April 19th to be included in the 2024 Gala Program and Auction.


Please be our special guest at a 2024 Summer Classic Film. Films run throughout the summer, and the complete schedule can be found at www.austintheatre.org. Your two film passes will be included in your official donation acknowledgement after the event on May 11th


Why make a donation to the Paramount & State Theatres?

Your donation helps protect and celebrate these iconic venues along with the support of community members, volunteers, staff and other supporters. When you donate, you are helping:

  • Advance the diverse programming of more than 600 shows, events and movies throughout both our venues. You ensure there is truly something for all audiences at these theatres.
  • Support historic preservation efforts, allowing the Paramount (est. 1915) and State (est. 1935) to operate at historic venues in their original footprints. From the iconic neon sign of the State Theatre to the hand-painted Saint Cecilia adorning the top of the Paramount auditorium, you are protecting these treasures for the seventh generation of Austinites.
  • Through in-school programs to student matinee field trips to bring in young audiences, your donation helps create arts-rich learning programs for students K-12 all across Central Texas. Many of these programs are offered at reduced cost or completely for free because of donations like yours and the help of volunteers and staff. Each year, even during the pandemic, we’re serving over 35,000 students and educators.

• Questions about making a donation or learning more about supporting the theatres? Please reach out to Wendy Fernandez, Development Operations Coordinator, at wfernandez@austintheatre.org or by phone (512) 692-0127.

Thank you for your impact and helping make all of this possible!

FAQs about Auction Donations:

  • Are you a nonprofit? Yes! We have been a nonprofit since the 70s, and our EIN is 74-2975922
  • Where should I mail my item/gift certificate? Please mail donations to Austin Theatre Alliance, PO Box 1566, Austin, TX 78767. If your donation isn’t easily mailed, please contact Wendy Fernandez, Development Operations Coordinator, at wfernandez@austintheatre.org, to arrange special pick up/delivery instructions.
  • Does my donation guarantee me seats to the event? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer seats for auction donations as the event sells out quickly. We would love to see you back for other shows and events, and we will send you communications to join us in the future – including the 2024 Summer Classic Film Series!
  • How will I be recognized for my support? We will recognize you on our website and at the event. All of our attendees will see your impact, and we will make sure to share it.